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Re·ceyt  (rĭ-sēt')   middle English, noun
1. a. the act of receiving; b. something which is received
2.  a recipe

Ceridwen – immortalized in Welsh mythology as a witch, a sorceress and a hag, She is honored and worshipped today as a goddess by countless people around the world. The enigmatic Ceridwen is credited with having created the great Welsh bard, Taliesin, through the brewing of a magical cauldron of inspiration.

Now, in his novel, “Receyt of Awen”, Forest Jones takes us back to the birth of this goddess and reveals details of Her life heretofore hidden between the brief lines of the original manuscripts. The mesmerizing tale is the result of a weft of other-world experience woven on a warp of historical fact and traditional myth.


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FJForest Jones is a full time mystic and servant of the gods. But, when he isn’t busy conducting rituals or teaching the Craft, he may be found writing, weaving, quilting, binding books, or making marbles. He lives with his husband and a miniature pig named Rosemary approximately 4,203 miles southeast of Llyn Tegid, Gwynedd, Wales.